How to rank Blog on google first page 2019 seo tutorial for beginners.

If you want your blog to rank on the first page in Google, then this post is for you. Read the full post. In this post, we have given full details about how to prepare your blog, which will be done by searching our blog. Came to the top.
First of all you need to focus on keywords, it is very important to have the right keywords for your post.

In that post you are writing your post, that word should come many times and it should be descriptive, and if you have your title, you can also write it in the label, and if possible, the image can be doled by the title of that post. And if your post is 100% real, if we copy someone's post then it will not rank in Google.But if you come from others to edit the post then copy and modify You can do this. And when your post is completed.Then you must definitely index your post in the search engine. How do we index the search engines in our next post.
As well as writing a post, think of search engine optimization. Seo means that search engine optimization is what we have given a link to the post. You can also read it there.
And tell me what your opinion about this post is. THANK YOU.


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