How to connect Domain name on your blog. (English)

welcome back.Before you connect to the domain before you learn more in this post, we will tell you if you have not purchased the domain name or should buy a domain, we have written the first post on this topic, before going to that post you have to read it or you have purchased the domain So you're on this post. Let's move forward.

First you have to come to Blogger, people are going to be there after this, and you have to come to Blogger's settings, you will get the option of printing on the second number, click on the edit option in front of the blog address and click on your domain jahan Login with your domain from where you purchased the domain

Then you have to come to Blogger then the setting again, second number. But you have to publish You will get the blog address then there you will find the third party domain settings, now you have to set the dns here. Go to the DNS settings of your first domain and set the blogname of the cname name to DNS again, then after some time you open your website Try to get ready


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