Can you earn money from online bloggers.(English)

Let us know if you do not know that online can also be earnings from blogging. So hear it today, today we are going to tell you about the online blogging business. From which you can do a very good erection, even sitting in the house. Friends, now everybody who has come online now wants to earn money online and the world has changed. Everything has been online. In today's post we will tell you about the blogging career, how you can do your blogging business. And you can earn good money and in today's post we will tell you about some people how they have their blogging Carrior started and where he is today. No.1 AMIT AGARWAL:-Amit Agarwal blocks from Delhi and now he runs his office in Delhi. He started the online blogging career in 2013 and is earning millions of rupees today. image copyright by:google for fair use. Now many workers work with Amit Agarwal and many of their websites are running in the market.First, when he had created a small blog and later his blog came in a very …

Blogger vs WordPress – Which is Better for blogging.

Blogger vs WordPress:-Do you know that even blogging can earn money completely and that there are many platforms for blogging inside the market? This is one of the most common questions that I get asked. Most people seem to be confused about which is the right platform to choose. More importantly, they are not sure if they really want to make a switch from one platform to the other. But the best two such platforms will tell about the best angle in both of them and if you also do blogging And you also think that who is best in blogger and wordpress, you are not alone so many people think this often. But today we will call you both of these Tell us about the logging platform so you can find out which ones are the right platform for you. You will decide on your own.
Let's move forward.

Blogger ( us tell you.Blogger is a Google is the oldest platform and crores of people are making money from this platform, Google has given some less attention to th…

7 Best Free Blog Making Websites: Make Your Own Blog Without Spending At A Cost.

We are going to tell you a blogging website in this post that you can blogging for free. You do not have to spend any money.Here's what you want to know.
Best Free 7 Blogging Sites in 2019:

Blogger.comis a good platform for blogging if you are starting your blog and you do not want to spend, you can choose can create a good blog on this platform and this platform is the oldest and most trusted, you can choose can create a good blog on this platform and this platform is the oldest and trustworthy you can choose from Provides a great theme to choose from Blogger, each different skins offers advanced color. But you can use limited and default themes.

No.2. WordPress( There is also a good platform for blogging, in which you can create your own blog or convert your blog into a website, it is also a free blogging platform.You will find many themes in this platform to decorate your blog and WordPress is a great …

How to connect Domain name on your blog. (English)

welcome back.Before you connect to the domain before you learn more in this post, we will tell you if you have not purchased the domain name or should buy a domain, we have written the first post on this topic, before going to that post you have to read it or you have purchased the domain So you're on this post. Let's move forward. First you have to come to Blogger, people are going to be there after this, and you have to come to Blogger's settings, you will get the option of printing on the second number, click on the edit option in front of the blog address and click on your domain jahan Login with your domain from where you purchased the domain
Then you have to come to Blogger then the setting again, second number. But you have to publish You will get the blog address then there you will find the third party domain settings, now you have to set the dns here. Go to the DNS settings of your first domain and set the blogname of the cname name to DNS again, then after some t…

How to write a beautiful post in your blog.(very easy)

How to write a beautiful and awesome post. First of all you have to see what your website is related to, you should write a post about that category and you have to prepare a headline which is informative and catch readers' perspective.
When you write your post, and use images to explain a topic in detail and explain complex topics.

When you use the picture, a professional look will come in your post and the user will be able to understand it properly. It will be easy to understand whatever your post will read.

How to set contact us Home About us in your blog.

In today's post, we will tell you how to create a Contact Us or About Us page in your blog. Step by Step, we will tell you. First of all, you have to go to the options of the page within Blogger to create two pages and save it. Now, as soon as you go to the edit page in the contact us page, there will be compose html option. Click on it.

After that, paste the HTML code we are giving you to it. Then save it now Take your Contact us page Click here to get HTML code.

And now about the page about which pages you create in the options of the page, you can tell about your website by going to About.And now about the page about which pages you create in the options of the page, you can tell about your website by going to About.